Jaguar Just Unleashed Their Most Powerful Road Car Ever, and It’s a Hand-Built 200-MPH Super Sedan

The downside? It’ll cost about $200K.

Jaguar has applied all its craft and know-how to producing the blindingly fast limited-edition XE Project 8 sport sedan, producing an amazing 592 horsepower supercharged 5.0-liter V8-powered model that reaches 200 mph. Its U.K. price converts to $195,000, so the window sticker’s bottom line also nearly reaches 200 too.

Jaguar’s U.S. spokesman says the actual price here will be less, but the performance should be just as good on this side of the Atlantic. That means 0-60 mph acceleration of 3.3 seconds, and that three hints at another bit of numerology, as Jag’s Special Vehicle Operations division says it is building just 300 examples of this extremely exclusive ride.

Although the XE is built in England by a traditional English carmaker, all 300 Project 8s will be U.S.-style right-hand-drive. But almost every other detail can be customized to the buyer’s preferences, with 10,000 different colors available.

Jag has rebodied the Project 8, with wider carbon fiber and aluminum bodywork enclosing enlarged 20-inch wheels (and 305 mm-wide tires!) and managing airflow around the Beast of Coventry at speed. That task is aided by an adjustable front splitter, a rear diffuser and a rear wing.

“We have really been able to unleash the potential of our engineering and design teams in specifying Project 8,” said Mark Stanton, SVO Director. “We are at the beginning of a very challenging and exciting development program which will see us focus on ensuring Project 8 delivers track performance on a level previously not targeted by Jaguar.”

That means including technology such as low-friction ceramic wheel bearings, Jaguar’s first-ever use of carbon ceramic brakes and a brand-first application of a Track Mode software setting for the Project 8’s electronic stability control system, throttle and steering response.

Bystanders in your wake will know the Project 8 has passed, thanks to the car’s lightweight Titanium Variable Active Exhaust system which saves weight and minimizes power losses due to needless sound dampening. 

U.S. pricing and availability hasn’t yet been announced. But consider this: Ford is building 500 GTs in 2017 and 2018, so the Project 8 will be more exclusive than even Ford’s flagship sports car.