This Awesome New Book Boasts 192 Pages of Glorious Bond Cars

Just in time for Spectre, a hardcover book examines 007’s legendary rides.

Following in a tradition established by the Aston Martin DB5,  James Bond will drive a new Aston Martin DB10 in the upcoming film Spectre. But over the years, the British super-spy has driven all sorts of interesting cars, which are compiled in the new book James Bond Cars by Frederic Brun. 

That means you’ll see the Lotus Esprit submarine car and Bond’s flirtation with BMW and its irresistible Z8 roadster, as well as forgotten classics like the Sunbeam Alpine and Studebaker Avanti. Despite the title, the book also includes the cars of the Bond villains, plus Bond’s other fascinating machines, like jet packs, autogyros and even a space shuttle.

The 192-page hardcover comes out in November around the same time as the movie, with a cover price of $34.99. Meanwhile, enjoy this DB10 preview video from Aston Martin.

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