James Bond’s 183-Foot ‘Skyfall’ Superyacht Comes With Jet Skis and a Wet Bar

The baddest sailboat of all time is selling for an eye-popping price…


(Photo: Engel & Vöelkers)

James Bond didn’t solely travel by Aston Martin or Bombardier jet. Case in point: a mammoth 183-foot long superyacht featured in Skyfall is now for sale for $9.3 million, a lofty price point that seems out of reach even for Bond himself.

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But the schooner, named Regina, is just as stunningly regal as it was on the big screen. 

Aside from its impressive size, it has six lavishly-appointed cabins that can accommodate up to 12 passengers. Each boast bedheads of solid honey mousse onyx columns, Afyon Marble walls and onyx sinks and floors. 

The Master stateroom, where Bond would have rested in between chasing down Russian baddies and bedding beautiful women, includes a lounge-area and walk-in dressing room.

Also included are a dining room, a full wet bar, espresso makers, deck areas for sunbathing (bikini beauties not included) and al fresco dining, jet-skis and stand-up paddling boards. Oh yeah, did we mention the shower…?

In case its new owner were to need to make a speedy getaway, from Raoul Silva or any other eccentric villain, not to fear: Regina has a total sail area of 1,140 square meters and boasts twin 440hp MAN engines.

The Regina, available through Engel & Vöelkers, would be the crown jewel of any superyacht collection. 

h/t HiConsumption