James Bond’s Lotus Sub from The Spy Who Loved Me Listed on eBay

The 1977 Submarine Car starts at seven figures, does not run.

Even without the pure white Lotus submersible at the center, the eBay photos look like stills pulled off the floor of the Albert R. Broccoli 007 Stage editing suite. The lighting is murky, the floors concrete, the warehouse decidedly subterranean. The swinger conspiracy vibe feels right – like leaving a pack of Pall-Malls on the passenger seat of a the ’79 Continental you’re looking to unload – but price warrants a second glance. A million dollars is a nice, round, arbitrary number and that’s the minimum price that could snag you one of the three remaining prop cars used in the 1977’sThe Spy Who Loved Me

The seller, who has made full use of the best that Microsoft Word 1997 had to offer (font sizes 12, 18, and 24! Colors!), is selling the car on its provenance and restoration by “Rick’s Restoration TV Show.” He notes the car “does not drive or work in water,” though the wheels do retract into the body, a feature that might actually be useful in some neighborhoods – if you could get the thing there. Essentially, the wealthy fellow who ponies up the mil will be purchasing a beautifully painted, wedge-y conversation-piece. That might sound ridiculous, but you can’t put a price on the iconic.

Well, maybe you can.

Photos by Everett Collection