The Jeep Chief Is The Leader Of Beach Tribes

The suspension is heavy duty, but this truck will be carrying exclusively swim-trunks, Coronas and Marlboro Reds.

A few days ago, the car world was thrown into a frenzy by this pristine 1977 Jeep Chief—apparently, the market for super-macho, tangerine-bright two-door off-roaders is strong.  Right on cue,  Jeep has released this Wrangler-based truck, a gnarly tribute to that very same car. The razor grill, chopped greenhouse and slotted-mag wheels are all classic cues from Jeep’s Malaise Era past, and the Ocean Blue paint is ripped from a Charlie’s Angels beach scene. While some might expect Mopar power for this hunky wagon, Jeep stuck with their tried and true Wrangler drivetrain, a Pentastar V6 and a six-speed manual. We’re less excited about the upholstery—with fabrics ripped off Magnum, P.I.’s back—and the rosewood slats and tiki shiftknob make for a surf-themed drink with a bit too much coconut-sugar. Still, were this to make it to production, there’s nothing we’d love more than taking this truck, three friends and a surfboard to Big Sur.