Jeff Bezos Is Building a Superyacht So Big It Needs a ‘Support Yacht’ With a Helipad

Because he can.

Jeff Bezos

Like a lot of divorced folks, billionaire Jeff Bezos is making some changes in his life. In February he stepped down as Amazon CEO, and Business Insider reports he’s also buying a brand new boat. 

But when you’re worth $177 billion (per Forbes), you don’t just go buy a used Bayliner fit for two. Nope, Bezos is reportedly going all out, buying a superyacht from Oceanco, a yacht-builder based in The Netherlands. A yacht so super it needs its own “support yacht” with a helipad.


Here’s more from Business Insider:

The three-mast ship is expected to be “one of the finest sailing yachts in existence,” but other details about the yacht are unknown, even among those in the exclusive luxury boat world, Stone reports.

In addition to the mega-yacht, Bezos has reportedly commissioned a second, smaller, “support yacht” that will include its own helipad. Bezos’ girlfriend, Lauren Sanchez, is a helicopter pilot and Stone reports that Bezos has taken flying lessons as well. 

No images have been provided of Bezos’s superyacht but the photo above from is of their three-masted Black Pearl. Business Insider reports that Bezos’s boat will be 127 meters in length and that’s just 20 meters longer than the Pearl model, which Oceanco produced in 2018. 


Naturally, if Bezos is going as far as adding an extra yacht complete with helipad to his package, it’s likely he’ll have a ton of next-level amenities when he hits the open waters.

An image from Oceanco’s Instagram demonstrates how luxe Bezos’s new ride might be. It shows the interior of a model which Oceanco writes in the Insta caption was developed “with an E-Hybrid propulsion system that uses batteries as the primary source of energy, The 90m Kairos propels the superyacht industry into a sustainable future.”

Other images are from the decks and cabins of superyachts likely every bit as pricy as Bezos’s ship, and they show some truly indulgent touches like an in-deck pool, a beautifully appointed elevator, and what Oceanco calls an “ambiance cinema experience onboard 120m ‘resort’ yacht Amara.”

Oceanco builds gorgeous yachts and they take a design approach that asks, “What if your yacht evolves with you?” Meaning they provide customer service for the life of the yacht, and that includes the “Oceanco Life Cycle Support” team, which the company encourages customers like Jeff Bezos to think of as “as an extension of your onboard crew.”

Will newly-single fellow billionaire Bill Gates ever join Bezos in some kind of tasteful, supervillain-worthy floating mansion of the seas? Will this prompt Tesla mogul Elon Musk to build a superyacht in outer space with a landing pad for SpaceX ships, for all we know? At this point nothing is surprising. 

After all, when your net worth is closing in on $200 billion, you can pretty much buy anything you want.