The Ford Raptor-Inspired Jimco Truck Is the King of Off-Road Racing

It can conquer the world’s toughest terrain.

Imagine you’re driving across a desert wasteland. Hundreds of inhospitable miles stand between you and your destination. The land is rugged and the roads—the few that exist—are unreliable at best. That repair station in the distance? A mirage. Better pray you’re driving one of these fiberglass monsters from Jimco Racing.

With a body inspired by the Ford Raptor, the Class 6100 Trophy Truck Spec is designed to handle the very worst that races such as the Baja 1000 can throw at it. With 26-inch wheel travel up front and 32-inch at the rear, it has no problem speeding over rocks and other obstacles. If you hit a boulder, the 39-inch racing tires can absorb the impact and keep you in the race. Although the truck gets just 2.5 to 3 miles per gallon, an 80-gallon fuel cell extends the range to 200-plus miles, helping you reach the next gas stop.

Believe it or not, this beast is the little brother of the full Trophy Truck series. In an effort to limit costs and attract more teams, the 6100 series utilizes only factory-spec V-8 engines. Race organizers maintain a level playing field by outlawing tuning and alterations to ensure that each truck has similar power and torque. The most popular engine is the 6.2-liter Chevy LS3, which has an output of around 430 horsepower. All competitors must use a similar Turbo 400 automatic transmission.

Despite this attempt at parity, Jimco—whose trucks have raced in far-flung places like Australia, China, Russia, France, and Mexico—has been named the top chassis builder 21 years running (and 22 times total) by Score International, the sport’s governing body. Whether crossing Baja or the outback, Jimco trucks deliver the speed to win and the strength to survive conditions that can fell even the world’s most rugged vehicles.