Joe Biden and Colin Powell Line Up Their Corvettes for a Drag Race Shoot-Out

Maybe we do this instead of future elections.

Noted Corvette enthusiast vice-president Joe Biden will soon be joining in retirement former Secretary of State and noted Volvo enthusiast Colin Powell, and to celebrate, Jay Leno organized a drag race between the two for an upcoming episode of Jay Leno’s Garage.

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Biden is the original owner of a gorgeous green ’67 ‘Vette given to him by his father (who was a Chevy dealer) as a wedding present. It is a 327 4-speed, so it is the real deal.

Powell, meanwhile, recently got a hot 2015 Corvette as a Christmas gift from his children, and he’s surely been looking for a chance to show off its speed.

To see who wins, we will have to tune in to Jay Leno’s Garage. But numbers don’t lie and Biden’s 300-horsepower classic is hopelessly overmatched by Powell’s newer 455-horsepower hardware. Regardless, just remember that Biden’s real car is this cool Corvette, and not the tacky Trans-Am in the infamous the shirtless car-washing photos of this Onion story.