The World's Most Expensive SUV, the Stealth Fighter-Inspired Karlmann King, Is Finally Here

This 6-ton Italian super SUV is ready for battle.
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Karlmann King Promo

Just over a year ago, we were first introduced to the Karlmann King: a six-ton-plus SUV with a stealth fighter-inspired shell and some of the most insanely luxe interior details we've ever seen.

The Italian-made behemoth is now on sale exclusively in the U.S. through Boca, Raton, Fla.-based exotic auto dealership Excell Auto Group for $1.8 million, making it the world's most expensive SUV.

Karlmann King  (1)

What does one get for that astronomical price tag? Aesthetic exclusivity, for starters, as the carbon-bodied b is definitely the only thing on the road with the geometric lines and angles of a military aircraft.  

Karlmann King  (2)

Unlike its remarkably aggressive exterior, which can be bulletproofed as an option, the King's cabin exudes pure opulence. The layout and finishes look like they come from billionaire's private jet. 

Karlmann King  (5)

Same goes for the list of amenities, which includes a Nespresso coffee machine, stowaway electric table, 4K LCTV, PlayStation 4, air purifier, and neon lights, all of which can be controlled through a central app system.  

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With all of those creature comforts and the optional ballistic armor paneling, the King tips the scales at just over 13,220 pounds. 

So it should come as no surprise that the 6.8-liter V10 under the hood can't push it past 87 mph. Then again, speed is hardly the point. 

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Contact Excell Auto Group here if you're interested in owning the most expensive SUV money can buy.