This V10-Powered, Super Luxurious ‘Survival’ SUV Is Modeled After a Stealth Fighter Jet

This apocalypse-ready machine will take you anywhere in style.

Karlmann King Promo
Photo: Karlmann King

Lamborghini has the 190 mph-Urus. Lincoln—and Matthew McConaughey—have the Navigator. Then there’s the Karlmann King. 

It’s easily one of the most over-the-top SUVs ever made. For starters, the six-ton behemoth’s geometric lines are more than a little reminiscent of a stealth fighter jet. The apocalypse-ready machine can also operate in up to 200-degree temperatures, hence the “survival” descriptor. 

Photo: Karlmann King

Even with a roaring 6.8-liter V10 under the hood, the King’s weight limits its top speed to just 87 mph. But it makes up for that weak performance spec with an ultra-luxe interior that bears more resemblance to a five-star hotel room than the inside of a car. 

Photo: Karlmann King

The custom-made example scouted by The National at the Dubai Motor Show was tricked out with a retractable wide-screen television, PlayStation 4, Nespresso machine, mini fridge, small safe, Apple TV, electrically operated pop-out tables and a rainbow of mood lighting. 

A team of 1,800 people will only build 9 bepoke Kings for buyers who can cough up a cool $3.8 million. 

Photo: Karlmann King

Worth it? 

h/t: Hi Consumption