The Latest Cruiser From Keanu Reeves' Arch Motorcycles Is the Sleekest Yet

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Arch Method 143

Keanu Reeves' two-wheeled passion project, Arch Motorcycle, continues to evolve from a fairly standard off-the-shelf custom Harley clone into something truly unique, with the limited-edition Method 143 power cruiser.

Arch Method Riding

Where earlier models relied on typical steel tube frame construction, the Method 143 has carbon fiber backbone that incorporates a racing style fuel cell. 

The bike's wheels are also made of the extremely light composite material. 

Arch Method

The rear subframe is beautifully computer-machined from from a chunk of solid aluminum, as is the single-sided rear swingarm.

Arch Method3

Front and rear suspension is by racing supplier Ohlins, with tuning specified by Arch.

Arch Method7

The brakes are more racing-grade equipment. They are ISR six-piston monobloc radial mount calipers at the front, with similar four-piston calipers at the rear.

Arch Method2

The "Method" name is an apparent reference to Keanu's day job, while the "143" refers to the bike's S&S Cycle 2,343cc air-cooled V-twin engine's size measured in cubic inches like an old muscle car.

Arch Method5

Keanu's only building 23 of these tech showcases, so the time to act is now.

Arch Method4