This Incredible 230-MPH British Supercar Arrives Next Year

Keating Supercars will mark a decade of car building with the Berus

Tiny English supercar constructor Keating Supercars will celebrate its 10th anniversary in 2017 by launching the 230-MPH, V8-powered Berus supercar at the Monaco Top Marques car show in April, according to an announcement posted by the University of Bolton.

Founder Anthony Keating is a Bolton graduate, and the company partners with the school’s Center for Advanced Performance Engineering.

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Zero to 60 mph acceleration of the V8 version is forecast to take 2.4 seconds, and environmentally-conscious sports car enthusiasts will be able to opt for a battery electric version rated at 402 horsepower and an amazing 1,054 lb.-ft. of torque.

Keating got the car’s name from Vipera Berus, a venomous snake. “The Berus’s namesake is reflected in its design,” explained Keating, “including the lights which resemble [the eyes] of a snake and the front, which appears to display the snake’s fangs.”

In addition to computer renderings of the planned car, Keating has shown a half-scale model. Further information will have to wait until the car’s unveiling in Monaco, which sounds like just another great reason to visit.