Watch Ken Block Attack Pikes Peak in His 1,400-HP All-Wheel Drive Mustang

This is absolutely insane.
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Remember when we told you how Ken Block had upgraded his 'Hoonicorn' '65 Mustang to 1,400 horsepower Version 2.0 last year? Well he didn't do it for the car to sit on display. And now he's attacked the Pikes Peak hillclimb in his ferocious Hoonicorn 'Stang.

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“When I was young, I caught the Pikes Peak International Hill Climb on TV once or twice,” said Block. “Even as a kid I remember dreaming about racing there some day because it looked so epic."


But when he achieved the dream of driving in that race, his rules-limited rally car was a letdown, because cars without turbochargers lose so much power at the mountain's altitude.


No worries, Hoonicorn has two turbochargers. 


"I had always wanted to go back and do it right," the drift master explained. "So, to drive it like I get to drive in my Gymkhana videos - and do it in the Hoonicorn with 1,400 horsepower - well, that truly is a dream come true!"


It might not be quite as exciting from outside the car as it is behind the wheel, but the video is still pretty cool. Just don't look down when the road runs alongside the cliff.


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