The 1,500-HP Koenigsegg Regera Is Officially Ready For Delivery

It's a BEAST.
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Two years after debuting the Regera concept at the Geneva Motor Show and a year after displaying the first production specification Regera, Swedish dream car maker Koenigsegg unveiled the first two Regeras for delivery to anxious customers. And they are amazing.


The first production Regera is sprayed with a translucent green tint that lets its carbon fiber weave show through. The color is meant to evoke classic British Racing Green without being quite so conventional as that, according to Koenigsegg.


The hue is perfectly complemented by the Regera's sumptuous saddle leather cockpit upholstery. As with racing cars, the Regera's seats are fixed in place for maximum stability in a crash, and drivers adjust the pedals to fit them. 


Customer Regera number two is finished in a candy apple red that is a reasonable facsimile of Italy's national racing color. This car's paint is opaque, so the owner specified clear-coated central sections to create the effect of black stripes that show off the bare carbon fiber. This car also enjoys a matching black-and-red cabin.


These cars' happy new owners will now have the chance to finally experience what 1,500 horsepower delivered by a world's-first direct drive system feels like as it catapults the Regera to 250 mph in 20 seconds.

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It does this by using a trio of electric motors to assist the twin-turbocharged V8 combustion engine. One of these mounts to the front of the engine to start and stop it as needed, and it is joined by two more of these narrow, black motors that help drive each of the rear wheels.


Koenigsegg also brought a personalized black-and-gold Agera RS to the show bearing the name Gryphon. It takes its name from the mythological icon on Koenigsegg's home province in Sweden.


With 1,360 horsepower, this Agera RS is plenty fast. But the Regera's sexy lines and even-stronger hybrid-electric drive system make that car our new favorite.

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