The Koenigsegg One:1 Is Ready to Crush the Nurburgring

This Swedish treat has 1,340 horsepower and a chip on its quarter-panel.

Koenigsegg is a ludicrous and wonderful Swedish supercar company that makes some of the world’s most powerful supercars. At the top of their line-up is the One:1, a car so-named because each of its 1,340 horsepower is tasked with carrying only one kilogram, or 2.2 pounds. (Each of the Bugatti Veyron’s Gallic horses is saddled with over four pounds of car.) Koenigsegg says it is the world’s first “mega-car.” This just-released video shows company test-driver Robert Swerwanski—who looks as if he could give Porsche’s Walter Rohl a run for his money—taking the One:1 around the Suzuka Circuit in Japan. Though this is just a warm-up lap, the acceleration looks brutal (watch the passenger’s head bobble like it’s on a string) and the lap gets clocked at 2:17.57—a second faster than one recorded by a Nissan GT-R on full boil.  We can’t wait to see what happens at the world’s most famous supercar proving ground: the Nurburgring.