This Koenigsegg Gathering In Geneva Is The $20 Million Supercar Parade Of Your Dreams

Check out these killer exclusive pics.
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The Geneva Motor Show is renowned for its annual display of sexy new supercars that break new ground in style, performance and exclusivity. 


But at this year's show there was another gathering of supercars that happened outside the show grounds, when dedicated Koenigsegg drivers rallied with their incredible rides for a get-together that proved that these cars see real use on the roads, no matter the weather.

Participating cars included two of the seven One:1’s ever built, the first Agera RS built for the US market (Agera XS), the recently re-built Agera prototype, the Agera ML, the gold-leaf adorned Agera RS Naraya, and two CCXs! 


While most of the cars flew to Geneva for the gathering, the intrepid owner of the Agera ML piloted it determinedly through an Alpine snowstorm to attend.

"We have the best ownership family in the world," crowed Koenigsegg on the company's blog. "Bar none." 

Fortunately for those of us who enjoy such amazing cars vicariously, ace shooters Gabriel Sevigny and Christine Martel, of Martigny Photo were on hand to document the gathering for our enjoyment.

"I was in complete awe when I first saw the impressive line up that was standing in front of me," reported Sevigny. "Over $20 million worth of automotive art an technology in front of me! I rushed out of the car and started snapping pictures. It took me a good 15-20 minutes to realize that I was really shooting seven Koenigseggs (the eighth attendee, a blue One:1 was only on hand for the first day)."

"I've seen all kinds of cars and I must say the Koenigseggs are really in the top. The details, the craftsmanship and the work on them is astounding. Every piece serve to a purpose and was carefully crafted. Every panel is tightly fit."


Even if we cannot afford $20 million worth of Sweden's most exclusive supercars, with a little effort on the Internet it is possible to know when and where such a gathering can been seen and appreciated in person. The rest of us can enjoy the photos.