Koenigsegg Regera Transformed Into Purple Prince Tribute

The supercar maker’s “Lila Regera” means “Purple Reign” in Swedish.

The Swedish supercar fanatics at Koenigsegg don’t only listen to Abba when creating incredible visions of speed and beauty. Just like the rest of us, they also dig Prince, so when the Purple One died last week, Koenigsegg engineers created a computer-generated rendering of the 1,500 horsepower, $1.9 million hybrid-electric Regera in purple-tinted carbon fiber in tribute to the fallen pop icon.

Meanwhile, they were also able to poke around and locate this older CCX, apparently in their shop for maintenance. The purple supercar didn’t belong to Prince, but to someone with a similar appreciation for the singer’s signature hue.

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Koenigsegg released the images on its Facebook page, saying that they’d had to wait all night for the render to be ready. The company dubbed the car “Lila Regera,” explaining that the name sort-of translates to “Purple Reign” in Swedish.

Fans clamored for the company to build the car, and Koenigsegg’s Facebook editor agreed, saying “We generally only make things when people order them. But I really hope someone orders this because it looks amazing.”

We agree with that assessment, so mega-rich oligarchs with the means to buy: please order one soon.

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