Watch Kyle Busch Sucker Punch Joey Logano In Wild Post-Race NASCAR Brawl

This is better than watching any car crash…

NASCAR racers Kyle Busch and Joey Logano tangled Sunday during the Kobalt 400, first on the track at Las Vegas Motor Speedway and then in the pit lane after the race, in perhaps the best unsanctioned Las Vegas brawl since Vince Neil and Nic Cage

Busch walked over to Logano and sucker punched him in retaliation for Logano’s last-lap collision with Busch that saw Logano go on to finish fourth, while Busch spun back to 22nd place.

Logano’s pit crew promptly intervened, wrestling Busch to the pavement, then both drivers were separated by NASCAR officials. By then, Busch was bleeding from the forehead apparently the result of the takedown and stormed away, still angry.

Logano was less concerned afterward, explaining that the contact was unintentional, as he fought a sliding car through the last turn before the checkered flag.

The collision was precipitated by a failure on then-race leader Brad Keselowski’s Penske Ford, which he said, with some exaggeration, left the car unable to stop or turn only two laps from the end of the race. 

Battling with his slowing car, Keslowski tried to preserve his best possible finishing position as competitors roared past. When Busch and Logano caught Keselowski approaching the last corner, Busch moved left to pass him on the inside, squeezing Logano down to the bottom of the track as they entered the turn.

Logano wasn’t able to hold that tighter line without sliding, and was in no mood to lift off the gas when he considered that Busch had cut him off on purpose. That caused Logano’s Ford Fusion to slide into Busch’s Toyota Camry, spinning his car into the pit lane.

“I probably caused that wreck at the end,” Keselowski admitted. “I just couldn’t get out of the way.” By then, Busch was in the medical center getting his cut cleaned up.

Martin Truex, Jr., driving the Bass Pro Shops/Tracker Boats-sponsored Toyota Camry won the race, by the way.