Buy the Very Last LaFerrari to Help Italian Earthquake Recovery

It’s the least you can do.

Every year, Ferrari gathers the faithful at a track somewhere in the world to celebrate everything red, Italian and fast that comes from Maranello. It is called the Finali Mondali, this year it is in the U.S. at Daytona Motor Speedway, and they are capping it off with an auction of the special 500th-and-last LaFerrari built.

The original plan was to end production at 499 of this technical tour-de-force, but when central Italy was devastated by an earthquake earlier this year, Ferrari announced it would build one last LaFerrari, with proceeds going to earthquake relief.

This car boasts one-of-a-kind paint and interior treatment, and it has a plaque testifying to its purpose as a charity fund-raiser. Prepare to be generous. While the original list price of the cars, which were sold only to approved customers, was $1.4 million, used examples have sold recently for more than $4 million on the open market. A chance for anybody at all to buy a brand-new one should command a ridiculous amount.

Much as we love it, our hands will be in our pockets when it rolls onto the stage in Daytona on December 3.