The Lamborghini Aventador SV Is Insane

If an Aventador is excessive, an Aventador Superveloce is wonderfully preposterous.

The base Lamborghini Aventador—if a flagship Lamborghini can be so called—is a 700-horsepower supercar that can hit sixty in 2.9 seconds, or exactly the duration of one Yoda blink. It is the only car one can acceptably specify in—forgive us—P****-Magnet Yellow and its outrageous shape makes a Ferrari 458 look like a Hyundai hatchback. When Kim Kardashian bought one for Kanye West, his frown turned up at the edges into a near-joyful smirk.

Yet, with the introduction of the new Aventador Superveloce, that car is garbage. Or, at least, it loses its position atop the Lamborghini line-up, a fleet more often than not shopped exclusively for image. Can you imagine what will happen once Kendrick gets a Superveloce? Kanye’s 18 month-old Aventador will be outside the palace gates with a “FOR SALE” affixed to its hood scoop.

This proverbial Buzz Lightyear swashbuckles into town with forty more horsepower, 110 fewer pounds and—crucially for a special Lamborghini—more strakes and wings than the Air Force’s Tuscon bone yard. The Aventador SV is the new top Lamborghini, an evil-looking, 750-horsepower coupe with enough in-your-face flamboyance to carry the world’s largest, wealthiest egos. It is a histrionic spaceship and all we’ve ever wanted from Italy’s most outrageous car company.