Lamborghini Unleashes Most Exclusive Flagship Edition Yet, the Aventador SVJ Xago

The otherworldly supercar is inspired by Saturn's hexagonal clouds.
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Lamborghini Avetnador SVJ Xago (7)

Lamborghini is making another special-edition Aventador inspired by Saturn's hexagonal clouds to showcase the pandemic-friendly version of its bespoke Ad Personam program. 

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Limited to 10 examples, the Aventador SVJ Xago is even more exclusive than the Aventador SVJ 63 Roadster, of which 63 were produced. Each features a fading hexagonal silver effect in an Ad Personam contrast color livery and gloss-black Nireo Ad Personam rims. The interior features an exclusive seat pattern with "hexagonita" theme and special contrast color matched to the exterior. 

In between the axles is the same tuned-up version of Lambo's 770-horsepower, naturally aspirated V12 that powers the "standard" SVJ Roadster. A sprint to 62 mph still takes just under 3 seconds, and it'll max out 217 mph. 

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Anyone interested in the eye-catching convertible will need to go through the virtual Ad Personam studio, rather than traveling to the physical location in Sant’Agata Bolognese while the coronavirus crisis is ongoing. 

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Clients first jump on a video call with a specialist to discuss and review live design proposals and configuration suggestions from the Ad Personam team, using smartphones for walkarounds and the viewing close-up details. That virtual consultation is followed by full proposals sent to the client, including renderings and material samples.

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Lamborghini reports that popularity in the Ad Personam division has tripled in the past three years, with over 50 percent of new vehicles leaving the factory with one Ad Personam detail. The Aventador SVJ Xago has multiple and can be further tailored to a buyer's tastes. 

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