Lamborghini Is Building its New SUV in Italy

Once again, the residents of Sant’Agata will have a wild, homemade Lamborghini truck.

While a concrete production date is still MIA, Lamborghini has stated it will be building its as-yet-unnamed SUV in Italy. After talks with Italian Prime Minister Matteo Renzi yielded 80 million euros in tax breaks for the company, Lamborghini has agreed to hire at least 500 workers.

Rumors—and the Urus concept—have been circling for years, but Lamborghini has yet to provide specifications about its new, high-riding vehicle. A Lamborghini SUV would likely find huge success in countries like China, which have a large, super-wealthy population with an appetite for fast cars but infrastructures not quite up to coddling a super-low slung sports coupe.

We’re excited for the new SUV—Lamborghini has been on a roll lately with its new Gallardo and Aventador SV—but our hearts forever lie with Lambo’s first off-roader, the Countach-engined, 3-ton , ex-military LM002. Lamborghinis—be they cars, trucks, boats or planes—are best in their most ludicrous expressions. 

Photos by Nelson Ching/Bloomberg via Getty Images