This Insane Lamborghini Concept from 2005 Is Heading to Auction, And Who Needs a Windshield Anyway

Bust out your checkbook, playa.
Lamborghini Concept S

At the 2005 Geneva Motor Show, then-head of design Luc Donckerwolke at Centro Stile Lamborghini presented an insane dual-cockpit concept interpretation of the Lamborghini Gallardo. The response was so overwhelmingly positive to the non-running design study that the company sprang into action to build a running prototype.

Lamborghini Concept S 6

The Lamborghini Concept S is that running prototype, and now, it can be yours.

Lamborghini Concept S 2

This street-worthy machine is actually even more dramatic-looking than the original design, because the twin wind deflectors had to be lowered and widened to meet government regulations.

Lamborghini Concept S 9

Lamborghini's plan was to build 100 production versions of the car for its most-favored customers, but after building the Concept S the company concluded that such a production run would be impractically difficult and the idea was shelved.

Lamborghini Concept S 8

Leaving only the Concept S to represent the design on the world's roadways. This one has done sadly little representing, as it is showing only 112 miles on the odometer, much of it apparently accumulated during its appearances at various exclusive car shows.

Lamborghini Concept S 5

Now, it will add to that tally rolling across the auction block at the RM Auctions Aug. 19 sale at Monterey Car Week. The anticipated sale price is between $1.8 million and $2.5 million, so be sure to pay off your gold card before flying to California to bid on your new ride.

Lamborghini Concept S 3

Beneath the zoomy sheetmetal beats the V10 heart and capable suspension of a production Gallardo, so you can daily-drive this white batmobile if you want.

Lamborghini Concept S 4
Lamborghini Concept S 10
Lamborghini Concept S 7

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