Lamborghini Huracan is a Car for People. Sort of.

Could the appeal of Lamborghini’s latest be that it’s actually down-to-earth?

With its dramatic-yet-tasteful Italian shape, a dose of German logic (Lamborghini is owed by Volkswagen) and performance to make even the most law abiding citizen rack up countless tickets, the Huracán – by express design – is history’s easiest Lamborghini to drive and love on a committed basis. Free of the comic-book cues that marred recent models like the villainous Sesto Elemento, the car ushers in modernity and vigor to Lamborghini’s wedge-shaped silhouette. The smart stuff includes Audi-based AWD, a dual-clutch automated gearbox (about time, Lambo) and Google Earth-based navigation. Yet the Huracán still launches toward outer space with digital-wingman, “Inertial Platform” gyroscopes and a 610-hp V-10, good for 60 mph in 3.2 seconds and a 202-mph peak.