Behold the Ultimate Off-Road Lamborghini

A Lambo fit for Rambo.

Designer Alex Choi just created the ultimate off-road Lamborghini, and it’s not even a Urus. Introducing the crazy custom Lambo known as the “Unicorn V3.”

The 2017 Huracan was mutated by a slew of outlandish mods that may well inspire automotive purists to slam on the brakes. 

Just check out the roll cage made from chromoly and stainless steel by California’s Studio RSR. These “monkey bars,” as Choi refers to them, were inspired by the Flip Car from Fast & Furious 6.

As Autoblog notes, the Raging Bull’s naturally-aspirated, 5.2-liter V10 was fitted with pair of Sheepey Race twin-turbos. We assume this pushes the engine’s output well past the 600 horsepower mark and knocks a couple tenths of a second of its sub-three zero-to-60 mph-time.  

Other unique features include custom wheels and Michelin PS4S tires, a pair of seriously over-sized air filters, a carbon fiber rear wing, and four rally-spec headlights up front.

Without a lift kit, Choi’s Lambo isn’t really ready to tear up the world’s dirt tracks, but it looks cool as hell.