The Gorgeous Drop-Top Lamborghini Huracan Spyder is the Ultimate Miami Ride

We took this killer convertible Lambo for a head-turning test drive.

Where better than the W hotel in topless mecca South Beach for Lamborghini to debut the topless version of its sexy $267,545 Huracan Spyder? The glossy white Huracan is perhaps perfectly suited for blending in with the tanned and toned beauties who flock to this tropical destination during high season.

As surely as those chic bikini babes bravely drop their tops at the Delano Hotel’s pool, Lamborghini predictably followed  last year’s Huracan LP610-4 super sports coupe with a drop-top edition that lets the sunshine and fresh air in.

It is also meant to keep the rain and the cold out, so the roof does close when needed, and the exotic car company added a layer of rubber insulation to the roof’s fabric. The new 3-layer system is meant to provide some peace and quiet, as well as warmth when closed. A torrential tropical downpour during our drive also confirmed its water-tightness.

Such is life in the tropics. With the warmth and the sun comes occasional Biblical rain. The Huracan Spyder’s top responds to such changes, rising from its cubby to seal the cabin in 17 seconds. Even better, it does so while you are driving at speeds of up to 30 mph. Which on congested South Beach thoroughfares like Ocean Drive is pretty much as fast as you can ever hope to go.

Lamborghini’s stylists worked magic to integrate the folding roof into the Huracan’s sleek lines, producing a car that looks fabulous with its top on or off, just like those drop-dead beauties at the pool. They were even able to include vestigial slats on the rear deck that echo the coupe’s louvered rear window.

Added bonus: The Spyder’s blinding white flanks stand out even more starkly against Miami’s vibrant graffiti murals.

The Spyder retains the coupe’s 3.4-second 0-100 kph acceleration time and its 201-mph top speed. But in contrast to the Huracan GT3 racer, the Huracan Spyder is a lover, not a fighter. Just as it should be in this sexiest of cities.

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