Lamborghini Builds Off-Road Huracan Sterrato Supercar To Rule Any Terrain

This wild one-off concept has more ground clearance, bigger tires, wide fender flares—and additional LED lights, of course.

Lamborghini Huracan Sterrato Concept  (1)


The Lamborghini Huracan looks right at home flying sideways through corners on asphalt. But can you imagine a rally course-worthy iteration of the Raging Bull? 

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You don’t have to, because the Italian marque just dropped renderings of a concept called the Huracan “Sterrato”—or “dirt,” in English—that’s designed to run off-road. 

A formidable 640 horsepower comes from the same naturally aspirated, 5.2-liter V10 and found in the Huracan EVO. Also carried over from the sub-three-second coupe is Lambo’s LDVI command center, except it’s calibrated to produce extra torque while drifting on low-traction surfaces.


But the Sterrato is also equipped a host of features one would expect to find on a true 4×4. The engine and air intakes are protected by mud guards, rock-deflecting composite panels are incorporated throughout the body, and the undercarriage is reinforced with an aluminium skid plate. 


That last mod is particularly important, because the body is only lifted by a measly 47mm (about 1.8 inches). 

New 20-inch rims wrapped in grippy balloon tires are housed in enlarged wheel wells, and the interior is bolstered with a titanium roll cage. And like all good all-terrain rides, the Sterrato has an ultra-bright LED light bar on its roof. 


Since the Huracan Sterrato comes straight from Lambo, there’s a chance that it might actually get made. 

If not, you can always take a cue from Alex Choi and build an off-road Lambo yourself.