You Can Now Buy a Used Lamborghini Straight From the Dealership

The exotic Italian automaker launched a certified pre-owned program that makes owning a Lambo easier than ever.

The Lamborghini Aventador SVJ Roadster. 

Lamborghini is making it easier than ever to buy one of their exotic supercars “pre-owned” and still be certain that it meets the brand’s lofty quality standards.

The Italian automotive marque just launched Selezione Certified Pre-Owned. The program follows a strict criteria to ensure that participants are getting a legit used Lambo. 

The flagship Aventador SVJ and Huracan need to have less than 43,500 miles on the odometer and have under 7 years (84 months) of use under Selezione.

The Urus SUV needs to have clocked less than 62,000 miles and under 10 years (120 months) of use. 

According to Car Scoops, all models need to have undergone Lamborghini’s recommended service protocol over their lifespan. 

Selezione-eligible vehicles will then be subjected to over 150 checks performed by Lamborghini technicians that evaluate the exterior and interior, mechanics, electronics, brakes, rims, tires and more.

Cars purchased through the program will be offered with at least a 12-month warranty that’s extendable to 24 months as an option. 

As Inside Hook notes, the arrival of Selezione is perfectly timed. In 2018, 51 percent more rides emblazoned with the Raging Bull badge were sold than in the previous year thanks in part to the success of the Urus.

If you’ve ever dreamed of owning a Lambo, look into the Selezione Certified Pre-Owned program online