This Insane Lamborghini Snow Monster Is The Hottest Thing On Ice

The Huracan supercar goes from road-burner to snow-shredder.

Imaginative Estonian Photoshop master Rain Prisk has created a crazy concept Lamborghini Huracan that doubles as the world’s coolest snowmobile.

The dreamy hybrid is fitted with American Track Truck Dominator-style rubber snow tracks to create a stunning, snow-going white supercar suitable for an aspiring Bond villain.

In reality, such snow tracks are more commonly fitted to 4×4 SUVs like Jeeps and Land Rovers, but the Huracan’s all-wheel drive system could also accommodate the ice-gripping rubber treads.

And why limit the utility of a 602-horsepower V10 Italian beauty like the Huracan to fair weather drives to St. Tropez, when you can also use it for winter ski trips to St. Moritz? 

A conversion to a wagon-like shooting brake body style adds cargo space for bulky winter clothes, while the hard ski rack on the roof can secures the skis, even at Lamborghini speeds.

Let’s hope the overlords at Lamborghini make this eye-catching creation a reality one day.