Next Time You Buy a Fluorescent Green Lamborghini, Pick Up This Matching Speedboat Too

It is a $2.2 million bargain!
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In the event you lust for eye-searing "Verde Singh" exotic machinery, JamesEdition, "The World's Luxury Marketplace" has just thing for you: a 2016 Lamborghini Aventador SV Roadster and a 1,550-horsepower, 52-foot Marine Technologies G6 speedboat.

The seller claims to have "invested" $2.35 million in this pair's custom creation, suggesting that they haven't heard of stocks, bonds and savings accounts for more reliably revenue-generating investments than gaudy playthings.

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How gaudy? Enough to earn an appearance on the CNBC TV show "The Secret Lives of the Super Rich." The boat's hull and deck have been modified from the standard G6 to resemble the Aventador's styling, and it produces an eye-catching nighttime appearance with a color-changing underwater LED lighting system.

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In the cockpit, check out the Lamborghini steering wheel and Aventador-style seat upholstery. 

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The boat's twin engine bays contain Mercury Marine engines which combine to produce 1,550 horsepower on racing gas, which is good for a 180-mph top speed.

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In case you think this purchase might be an extravagance, put that notion right out of your head. It is practical! The boat's engines are under warranty until January, so you'll have no repair costs on them until next year. And the included boat trailer can be towed with a regular bumper hitch, so you can haul this boat with the Mercedes G-Wagen you already own.

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