The Lamborghini Veneno Has Already Skyrocketed In Value

Lamborghini’s 50th anniversary beauty has proven to be a solid supercar investment.

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Reckless Co., Ltd.—a Japanese car dealer specializing in pricey exotics—is selling the first Lamborghini Veneno offered on the open market for $11.1 million—a whopping $7 million more than its original price. 

The three Veneno coupes Lamborghini sold (it kept a fourth one for itself, and subsequently sold nine roadsters) were only offered to a handful of the company’s best customers in 2014 when it was initially listed at $3.68 million. 

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Photo: Lamborghini

The Veneno’s V12 produces 750 horsepower and propels this Italian rocket to 62 mph in 2.8 seconds and to a maximum velocity of 222 mph. This particular example shows just 525 miles on the odometer and its history is described in the advertisement as “accident free.” Because who wants a crash-repaired Veneno?

Photo: Lamborghini

The Veneno is in Fukuoka City, Japan, but if you can afford the $11.1 million asking price, you can probably also afford to have it shipped anywhere on the globe. Photos show the Veneno frozen in carbonite, er, hermetically sealed from the elements in a dim garage, so it should be perfectly preserved. 

Photo: Reckless Co., Ltd.

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