The Lamborghini Veneno Won’t Be Ignored

Named for a murderous bull, this exercise in just-because proves that might makes right.

Built for the company’s 50th anniversary and titled after a famed bull that gored a matador to death in the early 20th century, the $4.1 million Lamborghini Veneno is an exercise in just-because, a carbon-fiber sexpot stripped of every extraneous gram intended to make even those half-million-dollar supercars outside the casino in Monaco seem like Honda Civics in comparison. Consider this: The 6.5-liter V-12 hits 62 mph in 2.8 seconds.

But it’s all about that body. The Veneno’s chassis is so wild, it bears no resemblance to its already outrageous inspiration, the Lamborghini Aventador. If hypercars from McLaren and Ferrari are superheroes, then the Venenois their nemesis. Every inch has been sharpened, stretched, and vented to an exaggerated perfection. Sure, all three of the Venenos produced for the public have been snatched up. But that’s just fine: Seeing this car on the road should be a rare thing.  

1. An Underbody That Inhales

Tucked underneath the Veneno’s postapocalyptic bodywork is a smooth underbelly designed to suck air—and the car—toward Earth, creating maximum downforceand stability. 

2. Light, Done Right

The Veneno weighs a full 275 pounds less than the Aventador, thanks in part to a special “CarbonSkin” woven carbon-fiber material that lines the cockpit.

3. Power for the People 

While the standard Aventador churns out 700 horsepower,  the Veneno’s V-12 screams with 750, thanks to huge air intakes and a tweaked exhaust system.