Land Rover Announces Most Powerful And Luxurious Defender Yet

The apex Land Rover Defender Octa arrives later in 2024 with V8 power and opulent amenities.

(Land Rover)

In 2023, Land Rover celebrated 75 years of off-roading with elegance. In 2024, the British brand isn’t resting on its laurels, but continuing its upscale 4×4 story with a brand new flagship in its beloved Defender lineup.

The Land Rover Defender Octa has been announced with a slew of Defender-specific superlatives including “toughest” and “most powerful, luxurious and capable.”

(Land Rover)

This apex Land Rover Defender will be powered by a twin-turbocharged V8—no specs have been revealed, but Car and Driver predicts that it’ll be the 626-horsepower, twin-turbo 4.4-liter V8 found in the Range Rover Sport SV.

If that’s the case, the Defender Octa will be tied for the most powerful Land Rover yet, including the high-end Range Rover and the family-oriented Discovery. And if extra power from a “mild hybrid” is included, as Land Rover states, the Defender Octa could just be the most powerful Land Rover outright.

(Land Rover)

The “toughest” and “most capable” claims are supported in-part by the implementation of the Range Rover Sport SV’s 6D Dynamics, which replaces traditional anti-roll bars with a sophisticated hydraulic circuit. The high-tech suspension increases roll support, reduces pitch when accelerating, and allows for 1.1 G of lateral acceleration on all-season tires.

By pairing 6D Dynamics with the existing Defender off-road tech that helped us navigate a grueling Land Rover Experience in rural North Carolina, the Defender Octa should indeed be the most capable in its bloodline.

(Land Rover)

As for the ” most luxurious” claims, there’s a plethora of options that could be borrowed from Range Rover lineup to spruce up the Defender, including the Range Rover Sport SV’s 29-speaker Meridian audio system featuring “Body and Soul” seats that put vibrating haptic amplifiers in the headrests.

Other upgrades from Land Rover’s Special Vehicle Operations customization department, including model-specific paint jobs, rims and interior enhancements, would also be be welcome.

(Land Rover)

We know for sure that Defender Octa-distinguishing diamond badges—perhaps a reference to Land Rover’s 75th “Diamond” anniversary—will appear on the exterior Signature Graphic panel and other interior components.

Details on pricing and specifications will be announced closer to the Octa’s full reveal later this year.