Behold the World’s Biggest Collection of ‘Fast and Furious’ Cars

The ultimate “Fast and Furious” fan has everything from Brian’s green Mitsubishi Eclipse to Dom’s infamous 1970 Dodge Charger.

It’s been two decades after Jorge Acosta first saw Paul Walker’s Brian O’Connor and Vin Diesel’s Dom Toretto duke it out in their first on-screen drag race. Now the Edmonton, Canada-based collector owns the most complete collection of Fast and Furious cars in the world—somewhat by accident. 

YouTube/Roads Untraveled

“I didn’t want to have the largest Fast and Furious car collection in the in the world on purpose, right?” Acosta told YouTubers at Roads Untraveled. “But then I started getting excited.”

YouTube/Roads Untraveled
YouTube/Roads Untraveled

His obsession began when he built the green, NOS-fueled Mitsubishi Eclipse that Walker pushes beyond its limit in that first race. The Drive reports Acosta contacted Craig Lieberman, who served as technical adviser and vehicle procurer on many Fast and Furious installments, to help him make it happen.

“My dream was the green Eclipse, so I built one three years ago, and that’s it,” Acosta said. “Everything started from there.”

Acosta currently has 24 rides from the high-octane franchise, including the red 1996 Acura Integra driven by Dom’s sister Mia, Dom’s Mazda RX-7, a white Volkswagen Jetta, orange Toyota Supra, and a black Honda Civic with neon green underglow.

Many of the cars are made by Asian manufacturers, so Acosta frequently sources the base models from overseas. The Nissan 350Z, for instance, only cost about $5,000 to import from Japan to Vancouver, plus another $7,000 to trick it out with the correct body kit.

“I started bringing a lot of cars from Japan to flip them and make money to buy my replicas and build my replicas. I’ve seen like 10 [Toyota] Supras in the past 5 years.”

More Fast rides are in the works, including Dodge SRT Challenger, Volkswagen Touran, Buick Grand National, Honda S2000, and a Gran Tornio GT. As for Dom’s infamous Dodge Charger, Acosta currently has a 1968 model without a blower, but a more faithful 1969 model with the hood-mounted cooling system is on the way.

“In total there will be 35,” he told Roads Untraveled. “My wife wants me to stop. I don’t know if I’m going to stop or not.”