Is the Latest Lexus Concept Car the Crossover You’ve Been Dreaming Of?

Lexus’ sleek new people mover made its debut at the Frankfurt Motor Show. We like, ya!

We hear the term all the time in car ads, but what the hell is a “crossover,” really? According to Wikipedia—the place we go to learn, well, just about everything—it’s “a vehicle built on a car platform and combining, in highly variable degrees, features of a sport utility vehicle (SUV) with features from a passenger vehicle, especially those of a station wagon or hatchback.” Got that? So, if a company is going to make a vehicle that combines the driveability of a car with the usefulness of an SUV, they should make it look like this new Lexus LF-NX. Just unveiled at the Frankfurt Motor Show, this sweet new crossover is not too big, not too small, and really, really, really ridiculously good looking. Plus, it’s a Lexus, a brand we enjoy very much, so you can expect power, luxury, and polish that is second-to-none. Check out these pics, and then pray to the automotive gods that Lexus puts this thing in showrooms ASAP.