The Mercedes-Benz X-Class Pickup Is Finally Here, And It Looks Amazing

Check out these brand-new pics and specs about the world’s most premium pickup.

mercedes x class

The anxiously-awaited Mercedes-Benz X-Class is here at last, and these new photos are even more evidence that it’ll be be the most high-end pickup on the market. 

We first told you about the X-Class last year, before Mercedes totally bummed us out by revealing it wouldn’t be coming to the U.S. in 2017

But those who are counting the days to the luxury pickup truck’s eventual arrival Stateside can feast on never-before-seen photos courtesy of Mercedes to drool over, as well as a breakdown on the latest specs from Auto Blog

The exterior is essentially a Nissan Navara with Mercedes-Benz styling front and rear. Not much has changed from the concept version. Still, it’s a handsome thing, with the familiar two-bar and three-pointed star grille, LED-accented headlights, and a wide lower intake up front.

The flat rear features another large emblem flanked by tall, thin tail lights. There’s a large bar in the bed, presumably to mount lights. It also looks like roof rails and a tonneau cover are available on some trims.

There are three trim levels: Pure, Progressive, and Power. Each comes with different standard options. The X-Class comes in nine colors. There are 17-, 18-, and 19-inch wheel options, depending on the trim. Other options include running boards and an electrically operated sliding rear window. Pricing hasn’t been announced.

The X-Class comes with a wide variety of options underneath the skin. There will be four engines, two transmissions, and three types of drive systems. There are two 2.3-liter inline-four diesel engines: a single-turbo engine with 163 horsepower and a bi-turbo engine with 190 horsepower. The later has two different-sized turbos, helping improve power all across the rev range.

There are also two gasoline engines: a 160-horsepower inline-four and a Mercedes-sourced 258 horsepower V6. There are three transmissions, a six-speed manual and two seven-speed automatics.

The X-Class comes in rear-wheel drive or selectable or permanent four-wheel drive, depending on the trim. The V6 only comes with Mercedes’ 7G-Tronic Plus automatic and permanent four-wheel drive. Don’t expect an AMG variant. An executive said at the reveal the X-Class has a towing capacity of 7,000 pounds.

The interior is far more Mercedes-like. It appears that nearly every surface and cubby has been touched by Mercedes designers – totally expected if it’s to live up to the Mercedes name. The switches, knobs, and buttons have all been replaced with Mercedes hardware.

The steering wheel, instrument cluster, and infotainment screen are all right out of the Mercedes-Benz parts bin. It’s very reminiscent of the Euro-market Mercedes-Benz V-Class van. This is all a good thing, as Nissan isn’t known for having the most luxurious interiors. Look for lots of wood and tough leather. This is still a truck, and Mercedes wants it to hold up as well as any other truck would in hard use. 

The X-Class also comes with enhanced safety features including active emergency braking, lane-keep assist, traffic sign recognition and a 360-degree camera. 

Sadly, it may be a while before we actually see one in person, AutoBlog reports: 

As wonderful as all this may sound, only shoppers in Europe, South Africa, Australia, Argentina, and Brazil will have the opportunity to purchase an X-Class. Maybe if we shout enough, Mercedes will consider changing its stance, though that would surely require certifying engines for US emissions. Until then, look to the Big Three for the premium truck segment.

But until then, we can dream, right?