Catch a Buzz With This Outrageous Electric Quad Bike

The Lazereth e-Wazuma is a four-wheeled freak show.


In a French village outside Geneva, Switzerland, boutique carmaker Lazareth is pioneering new ways to blow minds with unorthodox electric hot-rods like this battery-powered quad bike concept it calls the E-Wazuma.

Photo: Lazareth

Weirdo name be damned, the E-Wazuma has a 40-horsepower electric motor tucked inside each of its rear wheels. A horsepower total of 80 might not scare away the timid, but consider the bike’s formidable torque: a stunning 361 lb.-ft.. which is 52 more than the new turbocharged 2017 Porsche Boxster S.

Photo: Lazareth

 The company describes the E-Wazuma’s acceleration as “remarkable,” but we think it would be remarkable to not wheelie the thing over backwards with so much grunt.

Photo: Lazareth

If Lazareth sounds familiar, it is because it is the same company that rocked the Geneva Motor Show with the debut of its monstrous Maserati V8-powered LM-847 motorcycle

That bike also has four wheels, but they’re paired closely together to provide a conventional two-wheeled riding experience in a machine with enough rubber on the road to handle the V8’s output.

The big question is, what will Lazareth unleash on us next? 

h/t: Extravaganzi

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