LEGO Trolls Tesla’s Cybertruck With New ‘Brickmobile’

Guaranteed to be hazardous to the bare feet of dads everywhere.

Tesla founder Elon Musk‘s Cybertruck EV reveal is a comedy gift that keeps on giving. The most recent social media users to tweak the billionaire’s blocky electric truck? 

The wits at Lego, who designed their own answer to it, the Brickmobile (see above).


The toymaking giant tweeted out a moodily-lit image of a classic Lego building block on wheels and bragged that it is “guaranteed shatterproof.”

That was the dig—it was aimed squarely at Elon Musk’s biggest embarrassment from the Cybertruck unveiling when he bragged on the truck’s “Armor glass.” He then had one of his engineers test the supposedly shatter-resistant windows. 

Getty Images

His assistant threw two large steel balls at the driver’s side windows and, well—they definitely weren’t shatterproof. Musk’s facial expression in the photo above kind of tells the story. 

While Lego didn’t go so far as to make any kind of demo reel illustrating the Brickmobile’s toughness, many people were quick to note that the little bricks certainly feel solid enough when you step on them in the dark. 

Expert Lego builder Peter Blackert took the implied challenge a little more seriously and went the extra mile, building two different renderings of the actual Cybertruck.

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That’s more like it. 

Musk hasn’t responded to Lego, but he did tweet video of a test in which the Cybertruck pulled a running Ford F-150 uphill—proving it could handle the kinds of heavy hauling jobs it was designed for.

Elon Musk might be able to save face if he put his mind to figuring out how to make plastic toy building blocks that aren’t pure torture on parental feet.