A New, Bare-Bones M2 Just Might Return BMW's 'Ultimate Driving Machine' Credibility

Hope you can drive stick.
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BMW is applying the "less is more" theory of improvement to its truest remaining driver's car, the M2, with a new lighter-weight Performance Edition.


That's the report from the Bimmerphiles at BMWblog, who discovered a new code on the BMW dealer ordering system that specifies this new car. 


BMW will only build 150 of the cars, which are simplified with a manual transmission in place of the flappy paddle automatic transmission, manual-adjustment seats, and basic climate control and audio systems.


The M2 Performance Edition — ordering code number ZL9 — costs $61,695.  It includes BMW's M Performance exhaust system with titanium tips, high-performance coilover suspension, and revised electronics permitting a top speed of 168 mph rather than the regular M2's 155 mph top speed.


So, well, maybe in the case of top speed, more is actually more.

h/t: Road & Track