The Gorgeous Lilium Electric Jet Is the Next Best Thing to a Flying Tesla

This portable private plane runs on batteries and has a top speed of 250 mph.



You’ve probably already placed an order for one of those nifty flying cars. But make some more room in the garage for the extraordinary Lilium Electric Jet.

The electric two-seater currently being developed in Germany will only require a 49 by 49 foot level surface in order to take off and land. Much like the groundbreaking Icon A5 sport plane we flew last year, this thing can take to the skies from a decent-sized field or campground.


You’ll still need a pilot’s license and 20 hours of flight time before a solo excursion, but that’s probably just common sense anyway.


The Lilium runs on batteries, rechargeable at home, instead of fuel, which doesn’t stop it from hitting top speeds of 250 miles per hour.


It can also fly for 300 miles on a single charge, which equates to a New York City to D.C. run in less than an hour, or Los Angeles to Monterey in a little over that. Hey, it beats getting your bags checked by the TSA…

H/T: HiConsumption