This Lincoln Just Might Have The World’s Comfiest Car Seats

The Lincoln Continental concept boasts super cushy seats with 30 (!) elements of adjustment for maximum comfort. 

The Lincoln Motor Company seeks to reestablish itself as a purveyor of traditional American comfort with cars that don’t pose as Nurburgring lap record holders, but instead coddle their occupants with every possible amenity.

A key step to accomplishing that, apparently, is a seat that features 30 different elements of adjustability, granting its seats the conformability of a beanbag chair.  Accomplishing that has already earned more than 50 patents, with another 100 or so patent applications under consideration.

Lincoln says that the seats’ key advance is a plastic and foam suspension system that supports a wide range of body types and which takes stress off the shoulders and neck. The company says it studied high-end aircraft seats for inspiration.

“The next frontier to serve the luxury automotive client is a seat that conforms to and supports the body – a seat that feels as if it were personally tailored for you each time,” said Johnathan Line, advanced seat innovation supervisor.

The available adjustments include the usual areas, but with movement in more dimensions than normal, with different settings possible for the left and right sides of some adjustments. 

Will a mega-adjustable seat help Lincoln recover its once-strong reputation for luxury, rather than a lame imitation of luxury? Ergonomist Christopher Kempski likes Lincoln’s chances. 

“Creating a seat that tailors itself to your body and can be adjusted to the situation to make you more comfortable can be a big benefit,” Kempski said. “When the body tires, the mind follows, so keeping the body refreshed is vital.”

Refreshed bodies are well and good, but what Lincoln needs from the Continental, and its seats, is a refreshed image. After all, . Matthew McConaughey’s TV commercials can only help so much.

Photos by Lincoln Motor Co.