Introducing the World's Most Secretive Superyacht

The 360-foot SHY is uniquely designed to keep the secrets of its megarich owners.
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The 360-foot SHY superyacht (Photo: Lobanov Design)

The 361-foot SHY superyacht (Photo: Lobanov Design)

At over 350 feet, Lobanov Design's newest superyacht—currently finishing construction at Oceanco and scheduled to launch later this year—is certainly large. But it's not even close to cracking the top five biggest yachts list. No, this one's more noteworthy for its unique exterior design.

Although hardly making it stealthy, the prominent ribbon-like superstructure is meant to provide an extra layer of privacy. An appropriate adornment for a vessel dubbed "SHY." Aside from offering a unique look, that design element creates a flowing feeling that's more classy and less flashy.

A ribbon-y facade defines its unique exterior (Photo: Lubanov Design)

A ribbon-y facade defines its unique exterior (Photo: Lubanov Design)

Although further details are scant—it's marked as "Confidential" on Lobanov's projects page—we have heard tell that it'll feature such lavish amenities as a glass elevator and a 500+ square foot pool on the main deck.

“That’s how we see the way to express a feeling of privacy from outside which doesn’t compromise panoramic views from inside … lightweight and translucent,” designer Igor Lobanov told CharterWorld. “Yacht SHY will keep your secrets.”

Perhaps a sign of things to come at this year's Monaco Yacht Show, just a couple of weeks away.

h/t: Luxatic