Time to Ogle Some Pics of the Jaw-Dropping New Lotus Evora GT430 Sport

Lotus Evora 430 GT Sport

Remember how we told you in July about how the Evora GT430 is the fastest street car from Lotus? Well forget about it. Now the Evora GT430 Sport is even faster!

Lotus Evora 430 GT Sport5

Not only does the Evora GT430 Sport achieve 196 mph instead of the regular Evora GT430's measly 190 mph, but it will do so without demand the effort of gear shifts from the driver because it offers an available automatic transmission in addition to the standard manual gearbox.

Lotus Evora 430 GT Sport4

Other than the transmission, the technical specifications of the 430-horsepower 3.5-liter supercharged V6 engine are unchanged for the Sport. The added speed comes from the deletion of the downforce-inducing aerodynamic elements, which also add drag that slows the car down in exchange for pressing it harder to the track.

Lotus Evora 430 GT Sport6

Leaving the wings and spoilers off the car also saves 22 pounds of weight, which is a hard-to-come-by savings in a Lotus, because the company is known for trimming the fat from its cars.

Lotus Evora 430 GT Sport2

“The Evora GT430 already has cemented its place as a true collector’s car, but we know that many of our customers want the option of choosing a less aggressive version, with the same power, but without some of more arresting design and aero elements," explained Jean-Marc Gales, CEO of Group Lotus plc. 

"With the Evora GT430 Sport, we have responded to this demand to add to the whole range of thoroughbred Lotus cars that are great on the track as well as supremely capable on the road.”

Lotus Evora 430 GT Sport3

European customers can order the Evora GT430 Sport now for the equivalent of $136,000, though that price includes a 20 percent value-added tax, so the U.S. price should be lower.