Destroy The Death Star With HJC's Luke Skywalker Motorcycle Helmet

This is Red Five, I'm going in.
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A hallmark of George Lucas's design aesthetic when Star Wars debuted in 1977 was that things in the future have a past. So in a time of science fiction films when everything was pristine and perfect, Lucas's films depicted the dirty, scuffed and broken.

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So it was with Luke Skywalker's apparently hand-me-down helmet when he strapped into an X-Wing fighter for the Rebel Alliance's desperate assault on the Death Star, and now you can model that look on your motorcycle with HJC's IS-5 X-Wing Rebel Fighter helmet.


This $200 safety lid is an open face design with an appropriately contoured visor to mimic Luke's helmet. And of course it not only has the correct paint job to match's the Star Wars example, the finish is pre-distressed, with plenty of soot, grime, chips and other evidence of combat to make it obvious that this helmet has been there and done that.


The movie-correct amber visor comes standard with the helmet, though smoke and dark smoke visors are optionally available too.


This Department of Transportation-approved bike lid is available in sizes ranging from extra small to extra, extra large. The Empire will never know what hit them.


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