A Luxury Ripsaw Tank Now Exists

Howe & Howe Technologies has just unveiled their newest creation, and it’s a beautiful monster.

Howe & Howe, featured on their own Discovery Channel show, is known for their monstrous automotive creations. Their Ripsaw even broke records as the fastest dual-tracked vehicle in the world. Putting that motorhead ingenuity to good use, the famous brothers have unveiled their newest addition: the Ripsaw EV2, the first luxury supertank.

But the “luxury” label doesn’t mean they’re skimping on raw power. After all, the Ripsaw was the basis for the ominous Peacemaker of theMad Max: Fury Road car roster. The newest iteration has a diesel engine that boasts 600 hp and Batman-esque gull doors. The interior looks like a super villain’s getaway vehicle, with every inch decked out in shiny finishings and supple leathers.

If you want one for yourself, start saving now. It’s likely to go for a figure in the hundreds of thousands, and will only be available for a limited time. If that seems slightly out of reach, satisfy yourself with some footage of this beast in action.