This Stunning Maserati Concept Is Built Off the LaFerrari Chassis

Now we just need it to go into production.

Maserati MC-63 concept.jpg

Render: Andrea Ortile via

Maserati and Ferrari were once fierce cross-town Italian rivals, but these days they are corporate siblings within the Fiat group. This makes is possible for the two to share hardware, so, for example, when Ferrari says it will only make a limited number of a sought-after hypercars and substantial demand remains for that car, Maserati can potentially repurpose that car’s underpinnings to produce its own version without violating Ferrari’s pledge to limit production.

Maserati MC12

This is what happened with the Maserati MC12 of 2004. Ferrari built only 399 Enzos, but significant demand for the car remained, so Maserati cooked up its own design for the Enzo chassis and produced 50 examples of the MC12 track-only car.

Render: Andrea Ortile via

Italian design student Andrea Ortile¬†imagines that Fiat’s attention may turn to the now sold-out Ferrari LaFerrari and the Aperta convertible version. He wants to put that car’s incredible mechanical bits beneath slick new Maserati sheetmetal with a design whose lines are inspired by the classic Maserati Type 63.

Maserati Type 63

The result is the Maserati MC-63 concept, “whose shape expresses Maserati’s values looking forward, without forgetting the past: simple volumes, fluent lines and single proportions,” Ortile explained in his design brief.

Render: Andrea Ortile via

“This car is thought to have incredible performance, so the exterior design at the same time has to express this power through unique lines that catch people’s eyes,” he continued.

Render: Andrea Ortile via

Surely after building just 500 LaFerraris and with plans to build only 150 Apertas, Ferrari might loan out its incredible engineering work for a run of LaFerrari-based Maseratis. We can hope, at least.

Render: Andrea Ortile via