Mazu Makes Waves With Stunning 79-Foot Carbon Superyacht

This carbon-bodied beauty is one baller boat.


Mazu is a yacht manufacturer based in Turkey and the company specializes in watercraft that would look at home on the set of a James Bond flick. That’s certainly true of its new 79-foot carbon composite model 82. This roomy superyacht is equipped to hide out at sea in style.


The 82 runs off a three-engine setup with Volvo Penta engines that pump out as much as 1,000 horsepower apiece. They’re capable of pushing the superyacht up to a solid 40 knots. It’s really what’s on the inside that might most appeal to anyone looking for a luxurious new ride. A well-appointed lounge area and kitchen complement a substantial master suite and cabin accommodations for guests. 


The deckhouse is glass-enclosed with a wraparound foredeck, giving it that streamlined, stealthy look. There are terraced steps leading astern and lounging areas along the way. Mazu says the 82 gives high-end boaters the “feeling of being on a Superyacht” while providing “the convenience of an easy operating Chase Boat,” and that actually sounds about right. Find out more about the Mazu Yacht 82 including contacting the manufacturer at