1,000-HP Mazzanti is World’s Most Powerful Italian Sports Car

This is just ridiculous.

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Boutique Italian hypercar maker Mazzanti has raised the stakes of the supercar game to truly absurd levels with a new 1,000 horsepower beast.

With the help of a pair of turbochargers, Mazzanti boosted its standard 750-horsepower Evantra to an even one thousand (hence the name, Millecavalli, which means “a thousand horses”). The Ferrari LaFerrari is the current benchmark, at 950 horsepower.

The company revealed the Evantra in 2013, but since December it has been doing a YouTube dance of the seven veils as it has incrementally released details on the Evantra EV-R. With the tenth and final installment, Mazzanti announced the car’s name and the new specs.

Mazzanti Eventra. Photo: Mazzanti

In addition to the installation of a pair of turbos, the Millecavalli also visibly wears a large fixed rear wing, pronounced side skirts and front splitter to keep the car stable it whatever its prodigious top speed proves to be.

Mazzanti Eventra. Photo: Mazzanti

Seeking a signature door-0pening silhouette, Mazzanti has mounted distinctive rear-hinged butterfly doors on the Evantra, which will make for dramatic arrivals if not convenient ingress and egress.

Mazzanti Eventra. Photo: Mazzanti

The company will show the Evantra EV-R Millecavalli in public for the first time June 8 at the Turin Motor Show. The 7.2-liter twin-turbo V8 produces 885 lb.-ft. torque along with its 1,000 horsepower, vaulting the car to 60 mph in a scorching 2.7-seconds. Mazzanti plans to build only 25 of these cars.

Mazzanti Eventra. Photo: Mazzanti

“With this ultimate Hypercar we were able to go beyond what few years ago were the limits we had reached,” said company founder Luca Mazzanti. “When the performances are so important, nothing is left to chance, but each element is the result of the meticulous work of people with great expertise and a true passion.” 

Mazzanti Eventra Millecavalli headlight detail. Photo: Mazzanti, via YouTube