McLaren Set To Unleash 570S Coupe

After 300,000 miles of brutal testing, McLaren says its $185,000 “entry-level” roadster is almost ready.

McLaren Automotive has been testing the wheels off its prototype 570S Coupe, the first model in the British car company’s slightly more affordable Sports Series. That means they start at $185,000, should you be counting your pennies in anticipation.

Test drivers have covered 300,000 miles of roadwork in the cars, aiming to detect and eliminate any problems before production commences this fall. The 570S Coupe has been punished on an array of race tracks and public roads, spanning the heat of Arizona summer to the frozen winter landscapes of northern Sweden. Naturally, the cars have been thoroughly water-tested on rainy English roads.

“The pre-production phase is one of the most important, and also one of the most demanding, in a product readiness phase at McLaren,” explained Andreas Bareis, the company’s executive director for quality.

“Up to this point, vehicles have been running in various locations around the world and subjected to some of the harshest conditions, and we are testing every component and system to the extreme. This final phase brings all testing together for the first time in a package that is representative of the cars our owners will be taking delivery of.”

Those deliveries are scheduled to reach buyers by the end of the year. Soon after that, we can start looking forward to getting behind the wheel of a 570S Coupe convertible.

Photos by McLaren Automotive