McLaren Goes to the Dark Side With the Onyx Black 570S Spider Design Edition

In case a regular McLaren isn’t exclusive enough.

“I know it when I see it,” was Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart’s famous description of his inability to articulate a legal definition of obscenity. 

Many of us feel the same way when faced with the artistry of McLaren Automotive‘s expansive option sheet for the company’s exhilarating sports cars: we recognize gorgeous combinations of colors and materials when we see them, even if we aren’t great at assembling them ourselves. 

McLaren Automotive

Enter McLaren’s Design Editions program, which provides professional aesthetic guidance in selecting pleasing combinations for an added fee of $11,400 to $15,000. McLaren has expanded this service to include the 570S Spider, with this stunning black edition as an example of their taste.

“There is a virtually limitless number of different personalization opportunities for the McLaren 570S Spider and who better to begin the process than the people who designed it?” commented McLaren Automotive Design Director, Rob Melville. 

“We have selected key exterior and interior colors and finishes that we believe showcase the 570S Spider in the most desirable way and are offering them as Design Editions that we as designers would choose.”

The five different Design Editions each feature a special paint, Silica White, Storm Grey, Vermillion Red, Onyx Black or Vega Blue, and each of those is matched to one of the five available interior schemes from the ‘By McLaren Designer’ range.

On the outside, the car’s wheel finish, brake caliper color and branding and finish of the 570S Spider’s electrically retractable two-piece hard-top are also all chosen by McLaren designers to deliver the most visually balanced and pleasing result.

Judging from this McLaren 570S Spider Design Edition 4 Onyx Black car, we’d say it is a success. Because we know beauty when we see it.